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Professional Biomass Particle Solutions

High quality brand of pellet forming equipment

Provide you with high performance pellet equipment

Independent research and development of granular equipment

Jinyi six major advantages to build a strong brand

Help you reduce costs and increase productivity
熱能利用率高 High heat utilizationThe thermal energy utilization rate of biomass fuel can reach
85%-90%,Higher than other solar wind energy, etc.
生產(chǎn)環(huán)境好 Good production environmentLow noise, the highest noise is less than 72 decibels,
Smokeless dust, sewage discharge
運行效率高 High operating efficiencyLow failure rate, low mechanical wear and easy operation
Maintenance and repair do not need to stop production
能耗低 Low energy consumptionOnly one 45 kW power supply for one device,
Produce material particles per hour 800-1200KG
人力資源節約 Human resource savingHigh degree of automation and low labor intensity
A set of equipment requires only 2 people from production to packaging.
應用廣泛 Wide range of applicationsThe equipment takes up a small space and is widely used in agriculture.
Forestry, waste processing and sewage treatment, etc.
  • 送貨上門(mén)freeDelivery
  • 安裝調試freeinstallation
  • 制粒培訓on siteGranulation training
  • 維修保養mechanicalMaintenance
  • 售后服務(wù)freeAfter sales service

Jinyi Granule Equipment Engineering Project

Let the customer witness and let the quality speak
  • 2017 Hubei Baoding Project
  • 2017 Hunan Yiyang Project
  • 2017 Hunan Yiyang Complete Engineering
  • 2017 Hunan Project
  • 2017 Henan Engineering
  1. 2017 Hubei Baoding Project2017 Hubei Baoding Project
  2. 2017 Hunan Yiyang Project2017 Hunan Yiyang Project
  3. 2017 Hunan Yiyang Complete Engineering2017 Hunan Yiyang Complete Engineering
  4. 2017 Hunan Project2017 Hunan Project
  5. 2017 Henan Engineering2017 Henan Engineering
金億 Jinyi sincerely welcomes you to bring raw materials to the door for granulation and examine the effect of use. Main products: vertical ring die granule machine, 590 biomass pellet machine, 472 vertical ring die granulator, mechanical equipment, etc. Online consultation for the latest offers+ 0519-68020433

金億 More convenient communication

Into Jinyi

Provide you with complete equipment production line plan
Granular equipment independent research and development

Puyang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang City, Jiangsu Province, the base of domestic biomass pellet molding equipment processing industry. The 104 National Highway pa......

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  • add:No. 6 Qinye Road, Industrial Park, Tianmuhu Town, Jiangsu Province (in Tangjia Industrial Park)
  • tel:0519-68020433
  • mobile:13407595633
  • fax:0519-87968790
  • E-mail:33783285@qq.com
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